The registration for INASCON 2020 is now open!


Last day to submit a poster and/or an abstract was 7/10! The Science Committee of INASCON 2020 will now begin their work with selecting which participants to offer the slots.

Click here for guidelines and more information.


The new INASCON 2020

Due to the circumstances around COVID-19 we have decided to adapt INASCON 2020 to an online format. We firmly believe that the idea behind the nanoscience conference organized by students, together with its original purpose and ambitions, will become an event of learning, teaching and discussion of nanoscience topics. Anyone interested in these topics will be able to attend the conference from one’s home, and experience a brand new format that stays true to the INASCON spirit. Stay tuned as we release more information about the event!

"There's plenty of room at the bottom." - Richard Feynman

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